Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Saying Good-Bye to the Sourdough Culture

I have nurtured a my wild-caught sourdough culture for over five years.  Now, it's time to say goodbye.  I hate to through it out.  However, with two family members needing to be gluten free, I no longer feel that it's appropriate.  I can always catch more.  Besides, it is probably better to start fresh every so often anyway.  Personally, I wanted to keep it going for my own enjoyment of sourdough bread.  I wanted my four-year-old son to grow up loving home made sourdough bread without a molecule of commercial yeast.  Now that I'm over forty, I find my palette changing.  I don't enjoy grains as much as I used to do.  My four year old loves a wide array of foods, and will enjoy it again and again, even if it's not home made for a time.  My eldest and my youngest are tube fed for nutrition, with special diets when they do have oral feeds.  My husband is gluten-free, but never liked sour dough even when he did have gluten in his diet (before the celiac diagnosis.)

Good-bye, good friend.  Perhaps I'll one day start the love of French sour dough again.  For now, we are going our separate ways.