Friday, June 7, 2013

Chutneys and Condiments

It's been ages since I have made a lacto-fermented chutney.  I'm attempting two this afternoon, mango and papaya.  I haven't tried either one in this method.  I did make some tomato based salsa with a lacto-fermented method a few days ago.  Sublime - a pleasure no jarred salsa can approach.  I hope these condiments round out our table and improve a summer table of grilled meats.  I'll post the recipes later, once I make them.  However, it's ridiculously easy.  Mash up fruit with spices.  Add salt and live-culture whey.  Put in a jar.  Put the jar in the yoghurt maker.  Take out a few hours later and refrigerate for up to a few months.  It's so easy, that I wonder how we ever succumbed to commercial varieties.

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